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Welcome to the future of prevention and early detection of substance abuse

Online behavioral health assessments that screen for alcohol, tobacco and drugs (including opioids), and depression and anxiety


The WellScreen Story

At WellScreen we develop technology to promote well-being and improve lives. Early detection and prevention of substance abuse and mental health conditions no longer needs to be time consuming or complicated — not with WellScreen, an online wellness technology.

WellScreen helps
healthcare practitioners:

  • Identify individuals at risk of substance use disorders
  • Confidently conduct brief interventions
  • Create individualized treatment plans
  • Connect patients to local treatment providers
  • Follow-up with patients.

WellScreen helps

  • Aggregate data about their patient population
  • Easily run useful reports to help measure screening effectiveness
  • Save patient data and customized treatment plans electronically
  • Integrate patient data into existing EHR systems.

WellScreen is based on the SBIRT protocol and uses evidence-based health screeners, like ASSIST, CRAFFT, BOOK and PHQ9 in one simple, tablet-enabled interface.

But adopting something new usually is met with some level of resistance— i.e. not enough time, money or special technology requirements.


WellScreen is

The system walks practitioners step-by-step through the screening and intervention process, even allowing patients to participate by answering the screener questions on a tablet while they wait to be seen. Ten minutes is the average time for a patient to answer the screener questions.

WellScreen is a
revenue generator.

SBIRT is eligible for billing Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance, from $7 to $18 for each screening performed and an additional $9 to $47 for each intervention performed. WellScreen can also significantly reduce overall healthcare costs for patients with an underlying behavioral health disorder.

WellScreen meets your health
practice workflow needs.

Got an EHR system or customization needs? No problem. WellScreen is customizable thanks to our EHR integration partner, ReDox.

Who is WellScreen for?

WellScreen may be used with adult and adolescent (ages 12-18 years old) patients. Currently, it’s available in English and Spanish.

WellScreen for adults

  • 10 screening questions for substance-related risks and problems with alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine and opiates
  • ASSIST screener (Alcohol, Smoking, and Substance Involvement Screening Test) developed for the World Health Organization
  • BOOK screener (Brief Opioid Overdose Knowledge) developed by Johns Hopkins University
  • PHQ9 depression screener
  • Treatment Finder links to a national database of over 2000 licensed and accredited providers in the U.S. that serve adults
  • U.S.-based user training and support

WellScreen for adolescents

  • 6 screening questions for substance-related risks and problems with alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • CRAFFT 2.0 screener (Car, Relax, Alone, Forget, Friends, Trouble) developed by Boston Children’s Hospital in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • PHQ-A, PHQ9 depression screener modified for adolescents
  • Treatment Finder links to a national database of over 2000 licensed and accredited providers in the U.S. that serve adolescents
  • U.S.-based user training and support

How does WellScreen work?

Imagine a health assessment screener that is deployable by tablet and walks healthcare practitioners through the whole process from assessing to follow-up.


  • 10-minute screening questionnaire
  • Immediate report of results for patient and practitioner


  • On-demand, evidence-based education module to increase knowledge about substance misuse


  • Integrated treatment locator through partnership with National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers
  • Only public and licensed and accredited private treatment facilities included
  • Patient matching based on criteria completed in screener
  • Electronic referral
  • 60-Day follow-up screen with comparison to initial screen results

Who developed WellScreen?

The WellScreen team includes partners from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) and staff with experience in substance abuse, prevention, public health and cloud-based health technologies. WellScreen is led by Keri-Lyn Coleman, former White House Drug Policy Advisor and National Substance Abuse Expert.

Where can WellScreen be used?

Wherever there are patients seeking help, WellScreen can be your universal screening tool.

Hospitals, urgent care facilities, primary care physician offices, pharmacies, health clinics on college campuses, justice programs, schools and child welfare systems are suitable venues for WellScreen.

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